restorative yoga twist

Why restorative yoga?

One day back in 2004 I arrived at my yoga teacher’s house in London for a one-to-one lesson. ‘Ah’ she said when she saw me. ‘Restorative yoga today I think’. Once inside, she helped set me up in a restorative savasana. The eye pillow …

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restorative yoga for anxiety

Restorative yoga sequence to ease anxiety

Restorative yoga is a powerful means of easing anxiety. It’s a rescue remedy for the long-term. It offers relief, deep comfort and wellbeing while calming the nervous system. I was honoured to contribute a restorative yoga sequence to ease anxiety in the 2017 edition …

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yoga for sleep

Yoga for Sleep

If you’ve ever struggled to get a good night’s sleep you’re not alone. Fortunately, yoga provides us with a number of easy options to help alleviate the problem. Here you’ll find my guest post on How yoga can help you sleep which appears on …

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