golden turmeric cumin lentil sweet potato soup

Golden Go Gently Soup

This delicious (even if I say so myself) soup was a happy accident. We are nearing the end of March, but it’s still so cold in England. We even had snow again last week. Here is our local heath in Hertfordshire, looking lovely and …

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courgette zucchini polpette

Recipes: zucchini 3 ways

We always enjoy a bumper crop of zucchini (or courgettes as we often say in England) from our allotment. We’ve experimented with various delicious ways to make great use of them over the years, and here are three you might like to try. 1. …

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miso-topped tofu recipe

Miso-topped tofu

The combination of the rich, savoury ‘umami’ taste of the miso topping and the soothing neutrality of the tofu works so well in this dish. It makes for a comforting, nourishing and light meal in all seasons. For two portions, you’ll need: One pack plain tofu, drained 1 tbsp dashi …

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Moroccan soup

Fortifying Moroccan soup

I recently enjoyed something like this in London, so wanted to tweak and re-create it at home. There’s something so satisfying about making a large pan of this – a one-pot wonder –  inhaling the spices and taking a little time for some mindful chopping of vegetables …

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