Pranayama Yoga Breathing Carol Trevor

Why pranayama? A personal view

When I came to yoga in 1991 I can’t say that I felt a connection to my breathing at all. Perhaps you can relate to this? My experience of the breath and pranayama (yoga’s breathing practices) in classes was limited and sporadic. As someone …

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alternate nostril breathing, pranayama, yogic breathing, nadi sodhana pranayama, relaxation

Pranayama – making light of mule work

‘Pranayama is mule work,’  joked (or half-joked) Richard Rosen during a pranayama workshop he led in London. This is how one of his teachers had once described the breathing practices of yoga. Many yogis give up pranayama easily because it is a practice that …

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yoga breaths for calm and balance

3 simple yoga breathing practices for calm

Whether life is fabulous, frenetic or fraught we can only benefit from a simple, calming breathing technique. In everyday life this fulfils a re-set function, maintaining or bringing us gently back to homeostasis or balance. If we’re feeling a little stressed, anxious or frustrated, …

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Yoga Nidra Training Carol Trevor

Expand prana with viloma breathing (pranayama)

Viloma pranayama expands our prana – our life force, cosmic energy or breath – and therefore our total wellbeing. Viloma brings a feeling of ease and calm vitality to the body-mind and emotions. As it’s learned in stages, it’s also safely accessible to all, …

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