honouring the light within


Stepping into the light

Yoga is an internal practice. One that illumines our being and actions in daily life.

A lucid mind, easeful body and contented heart are welcome by-products, as we remember how to abide in our unchanging essence in all circumstances.

Join me online or in-person for an exploratory, collaborative approach in workshops, CPD for teachers and inclusive one-to-ones.

Specialist guidance is available for dyads (co-meditation), restorative yoga, yoga nidra (yogic ‘sleep’) and practising with hypermobility.

Audio courses for beginning meditation and yoga nidra can be found here.

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If you enjoy the feeling of yoga nidra

Yoga nidra, sometimes translated as ‘yogic sleep’, is a fully-guided practice that releases tension on all levels.

Meditative in quality, it invites the body-mind-heart to gradually return to its essential nature, providing an unshakeable sense of ease in daily life. Quality sleep is a welcome bonus.

This self-paced discovery course offers four studio-recorded practices. The first is suitable for beginners, with further practices offering step by step progress and deeper levels of experience.

The visualisations that are included are unique and inspired by some of the most peaceful places I have visited in the world.

Next Online Session – Sunday, 11 April, 4.30pm

Join us to rest deeply, rebalance and replenish. Ease and support for body, mind and heart.

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Thanks so very much for sharing the practice of yoga nidra. It’s been a really wonderful technique for me — both to get more sleep throughout the winter :), as well as to encourage connection with my many emotional layers without conscious over-ride...”

– Viv


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