One-to-One With Carol

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. Rumi

Connecting on an individual basis with what yoga has to offer can be life-changing.

Yoga was originally taught one-to-one.

There may be something in particular that you would like to explore or receive support with, or simply a sense that working privately would be helpful for you. Whatever your reasons, you’re welcome to start where you are and to practice in a gently facilitated space.

Carol specialises in 1:1 and often works in the following areas, but please feel free to get in touch if something else is of interest to you:

* Personal practice
* Practising with hypermobility
* Restorative yoga
* Pranayama / breath practices
* Yoga nidra / meditation
* Easing sleep disturbances
* Easing menopause symptoms
* Refining teaching skills
* Yoga philosophy in everyday life

Carol found 1:1 of great benefit personally. She has 30 years’ experience as a yoga practitioner, has taught since 2002 and contributed to teacher training programmes in Cambridge and London for the last 13 years.

Private yoga sessions are offered on Friday mornings, Saturdays and on some weekday evenings for dyads (co-meditation). In-person in north Hertfordshire (in/near SG7) and online.

To make an enquiry or a booking, please complete the form below.

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