Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is an effortless, guided practice that releases tension on all levels and nourishes wellbeing.

It’s effective for all, including if you’re interested in meditation, but find the contemplative practices of yoga challenging.

Yoga nidra gently invites you to explore and befriend your layers (koshas) and all the parts of you unconditionally. This process offers freedom from the conceptual thinking mind, its imprints and limiting patterns. What’s revealed is a deeper, unshakeable source of being that stays with you in daily life. Peaceful sleep and rejuvenation are welcome by-products of the practice.

Over time, you rediscover the ability to rest and meet life’s varied circumstances with greater calm, clarity and contentment.

“Thanks so much Carol – this practice was sumptuous! I thought I was fairly awake throughout but when I started to stir at the end I felt like I’d been asleep for days. Wonderful! Thank you” – Vicki

Carol has trained in traditional (Satyananda/Bihar) and contemporary (iRest) methods of yoga nidra and has experienced other schools’ approaches. The iRest Institute continues to track published research into the efficacy of yoga nidra for various conditions, including chronic pain, sleep problems, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Carol’s clear and compassionate guidance allowed me to feel safe and to relax into this transformational practice. It’s been such a supportive practice for my own general well-being in these challenging times. The course is also helping me to gradually come to greater loving acceptance of myself as I am” – A

You’re welcome to try a free Soothing Sleep yoga nidra and an introductory audio-course.

I offer bespoke practices on a one-to-one basis, either live or online, supported by a personalised recording. Please contact Carol if this is of interest to you.

Dyads (co-meditation)

Many describe one-to-one dyads or co-meditation as an opportunity to reconnect with the power of presence and their deepest wisdom or intuition. Unlike in solitary meditation, this experience is supportively facilitated as space is held for exploration. No ‘fixing’ or self-improvement is required. Some also think of dyads as a form of mentoring in which each individual discovers their own insights. Those with and without prior experience are welcome.

“Thank you for the dyad. It was fantastic and revelatory … reassuring, too.” – AL

”I found the Dyad really transformative. Instead of plunging straight into a traditional meditation practice, I discovered the richness of staying with the sensations in the body. Having Carol objectively read back what I’d noticed was also incredibly powerful in helping me maintain focus and adding validity to the experience. The most powerful part of the practice for me was holding opposing sensations simultaneously within the body – I found this extremely liberating” – Vicki

Please contact Carol to learn more or to make a booking.

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