Happy Hamstrings Part One: Release

Yoga can ask a lot of our hamstrings. This is what they look like, as an illustration at least (back of the right leg): Image: Norris Health. There are three (some say four) hamstring muscles. The semitendinosus and semimembranosus medially (closer to the inner …

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Props for Yoga Headstand Sirsasana

2 Props for Awesome Alignment in Headstand

Would you like to experience yoga headstand – sirsasana – in an easeful, stress-free way? Through awesome alignment you can. For the ‘king’ of yoga poses, this is where two props come in – the humble yoga brick and yoga block.  Photos below. They facilitate the necessary physical and …

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Forest yoga: for walkers, runners and adventurers

We are big fans of the great outdoors. While recently in southern Germany’s stunning Black Forest I felt like practising some outdoor yoga, and this simple, forest-inspired sequence came to me. It works well for walkers, trekkers, runners and outdoor adventurers. You can do …

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Seasonal yoga for spring

Seasonal yoga for Spring: 3 tips for balance

Spring is a time of new beginnings, growth and reaching out. It’s time to come out of the comfy hibernation of winter, step confidently into action and create. In yoga, many of us now feel naturally drawn to more expansive poses, new possibilities and energising breathing techniques …

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