Befriending fear in the time of coronavirus

Several weeks into lockdown, we are hanging on in there, with no idea how things will pan out in the short or long term. “The only thing you ever have is now” – Eckhart Tolle The uncertainty we encounter as part of a spiritual …

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bhairava mudra meditation

Bhairava mudra meditation for harmony and balance

Bhairava mudra is one of a few mudras – yogic hand gestures – that are commonly taken for meditation practice. I find it gives an instant feeling of peacefulness. Traditionally, the right hand is placed on top of the left. Both hands rest in …

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carol trevor yoga sangha

How to create the perfect space for home practice

Find a quiet retreat for the practice of yoga, sheltered from the wind, level and clean, free from rubbish, smouldering fires, and ugliness, and where the sound of waters and the beauty of the place help thought and contemplation. Svetasvatara Upanishad As a teenager …

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