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Pranayama – making light of mule work

‘Pranayama is mule work,’  joked (or half-joked) Richard Rosen during a pranayama workshop he led in London. This is how one of his teachers had once described the breathing practices of yoga. Many yogis give up pranayama easily because it is a practice that …

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satyananda yoga centre london, yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, carol trevor

Review: SYC London, jewel in an urban jungle

I love the modesty and unchanging presence of the Satyananda Yoga Centre (SYC), set amid the ever-growing wealth of its surroundings. It’s a special place. Located near Clapham South tube station in south London, it faithfully shares a meditative approach and the teachings of …

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Jamyang Buddhist Centre London

Jamyang – a London haven with a terrific history

As soon as I caught sight of Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London I knew it was a place I wanted to spend some time in and – to be honest – have a good look around. It has an intriguing, quirky history. Jamyang was originally a Police Court (then Magistrates …

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haramaki, tummy warmer

Haramaki: warmth and strength from the core

As a girl growing up I have memories of my Japanese mother often telling me to ‘keep my tummy warm’ in order to take care of my health. No crop tops for me. It was a natural belief for her and the generations before …

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