Restorative yoga sequence to ease anxiety

Restorative yoga is a powerful means of easing anxiety. It's a rescue remedy for the long-term. It offers relief, deep comfort and wellbeing while calming the nervous system.

I was honoured to contribute a restorative yoga sequence to ease anxiety in the 2017 edition of Yogagenda. This is a beautiful annual planner, handbook and journal for yogis. It also contains an introduction to the practice of restorative yoga, explaining how it works and its origins.

Each pose in the sequence is clearly photographed. The book offers 'how to' instructions and options for modifications.

To see more and order your copy, visit Yogagenda here. You can read more about my personal journey, views on teaching and my self-practice in my interview here.

If you would like to practise restorative yoga that is specifically tailored to your needs, I offer one-to-one sessions. To learn more, please contact me. I'd be happy to hear from you.


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