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Advancing walking meditation: embodying our values

Are you open to a new angle on the practice of walking meditation? This particular practice is best suited to those with an established meditation practice. It deepens our ability to notice, to witness and to sustain our intention. As such, our experience is …

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Pranayama – making light of mule work

‘Pranayama is mule work,’  joked (or half-joked) Richard Rosen during a pranayama workshop he led in London. This is how one of his teachers had once described the breathing practices of yoga. Many yogis give up pranayama easily because it is a practice that …

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restorative yoga twist

Why restorative yoga?

One day back in 2004 I arrived at my yoga teacher’s house in London for a one-to-one lesson. ‘Ah’ she said when she saw me. ‘Restorative yoga today I think’. Once inside, she helped set me up in a restorative savasana. The eye pillow …

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mini meditation to feel calm

2-minute check-in: the breath as anchor

I find this quick, simple technique so helpful in everyday life. It’s easy to momentarily lose our sense of balance, perspective and calm. To become stressed, anxious or unsettled. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves disappearing down the rabbit hole. The past or …

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