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restorative yoga twist

Why restorative yoga?

One day back in 2004 I arrived at my yoga teacher’s house in London for a one-to-one lesson. ‘Ah’ she said when she saw me. ‘Restorative yoga today I think’. Once inside, she helped set me up in a restorative savasana. The eye pillow …

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mini meditation to feel calm

2-minute check-in: the breath as anchor

I find this quick, simple technique so helpful in everyday life. It’s easy to momentarily lose our sense of balance, perspective and calm. To become stressed, anxious or unsettled. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves disappearing down the rabbit hole. The past or …

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golden turmeric cumin lentil sweet potato soup

Golden Go Gently Soup

This delicious (even if I say so myself) soup was a happy accident. We are nearing the end of March, but it’s still so cold in England. We even had snow again last week. Here is our local heath in Hertfordshire, looking lovely and …

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satyananda yoga centre london, yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, carol trevor

Review: SYC London, jewel in an urban jungle

I love the modesty and unchanging presence of the Satyananda Yoga Centre (SYC), set amid the ever-growing wealth of its surroundings. It’s a special place. Located near Clapham South tube station in south London, it faithfully shares a meditative approach and the teachings of …

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