Towards Meditation


Meditation is a practice of tenderness, respect and courage.

It is synonymous with yoga. It is a practice that complements everyday life as well as a process of deeper inquiry.

Its benefits include an increase in creativity, contentment and harmonious relationships.

Brain structures can change after only eight weeks of regular meditation practice. Harvard neuroscientists noted positive change in areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, emotional regulation, sense of self and perspective. Read more here.

Given the busyness of life today, meditation can be a challenging practice and baby steps are the order of the day.

A meditator for the last 20 years, Carol shares meditation techniques from the yoga tradition whilst also having personal experience of modern mindfulness methods, including Dyad or (prompted) co-meditation practice and mindful self-compassion practices. She has a gentle and pragmatic approach, and the most appropriate method is chosen to suit the individual or group.

For more information about learning to meditate or rekindling your practice with Carol, please enquire here. Available one-to-one and for small groups in north Hertfordshire - Letchworth and surrounding areas. Other locations by arrangement.

Meditation as a standalone practice is not recommended in certain circumstances. If in doubt, please enquire here.

Yoga practices that aid our transition towards meditation are restorative yoga and yoga nidra.

Photo: Bellanova (heart mudra meditation) for Carol