Into the Light – Foundations of Meditation



Are you keen to try meditation, but wonder how best to begin? Or perhaps you want to rekindle and strengthen your practice?

This step by step audio course – with Guidebook and suggested reflections – will enable you to create a sustainable meditation practice over a one-month period; one that anchors you in your essential steadiness, light and wellbeing, through the natural twists and turns of life. Carol guides you through clear, simple practices and offers small daytime habits to support your exploration.

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Who is this course for?
This foundational audio course with supporting Guidebook and reflections is ideal if you’re a newcomer to meditation or want to re-kindle and strengthen your practice. You’re welcome to read more about the purpose and benefits of meditation here.

You’ll receive:

Four Guided Meditation Practices – You can download these and keep them.

A Course Guidebook – This includes small, simple reflections for your personal exploration.

A Flexible Schedule – Follow your own timeline and adapt the suggested format as you need.

You’ll have the chance to understand:
* What meditation is, and what it can and can’t provide
* Foundational skills and supportive attitudes for practice
* How to be physically comfortable and release distractions
* How to navigate hurdles and challenges in the practice
* How to integrate the benefits of meditation into daily life

Wanting to enjoy a meaningful and contented life, and to be a positive force in the world has long been at the centre of being human.  Paradoxically, perhaps, embodying our true, radiant nature invites a process of un-doing and un-learning. When we don’t search, we find. Let yourself be surprised and uplifted by the content of this course and meditation that fits in with your everyday life.

As you experience the four guided audio practices, you’re welcome to find the most comfortable position for you. This could be sitting, standing, lying down or gently moving, indoors or outdoors.

Each guided practice is between 15 and 20 minutes long. If you can commit to regular – ideally daily practice – for a month, you will benefit the most. A gift to yourself and to those around you.

What’s the timescale for the course?
I (Carol) suggest using one audio practice per week for a month, with supporting reflections as you feel called. However, as the audios and Guidebook are yours to keep, you can of course spend longer with each practice if you prefer. The course is designed so that you can progress comfortably at your own pace and make it work in the best way for you. You might even like to revisit or repeat the course at a later date.

How will I receive the course resources?
The four audio practices and Guidebook with reflections will be available to download via email as soon as you purchase the course.

This audio course is based on a live online course Carol offered during ‘The Big Pause’. All audios that are provided as part of this course were recorded separately. The Guidebook is based on session talks.

If you have any queries about the course or my other meditation offerings, please contact Carol. I’m happy to help.


  1. V

    I always felt an instant sense of grounding.

  2. J

    It helped me a lot to be more patient with myself and with meditation.

  3. R

    For the first time meditation felt like a refuge, however I felt, and that it was ok not to feel ok.

  4. K

    I feel calm and that everything is not as big a problem as it seems.

  5. F

    The practices were a great help to remind me how important it is to trust the process and not overthink things or focus on the result.

  6. J

    I felt grateful and peaceful.

  7. M

    I had always believed meditation to be a means of calming the mind or just something that is ‘good to do’, whereas I realised it is a meeting with and getting to know our self, watching, finding things out and being guided from within if we are wandering too far from the “I am”.

  8. P

    I found the process of noticing and acknowledging how you’re feeling helpful, and being interested in that, without judgement.

  9. C

    Absolutely loving the sessions. They are accessible and enlightening.

  10. M

    I felt a sense of timelessness.

  11. K

    A wonderful meditation session, truly returning home to peace.

  12. J

    I felt grateful and beautiful.

  13. P

    It’s been a joy.

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