Restorative Yoga

restorative yoga carol trevor

Restorative yoga is a wonderfully nourishing practice of non-judgement, non-striving and profound self-care.

An invitation to come as you are, rest completely and rejuvenate.

In restorative yoga the body is fully supported by props in various yoga poses, including reclining, inversions, twists, backbends, side bends and forward bends. There is a sense of spaciousness, simple being and release. The resulting comfort and ease soothes the nervous system, in turn benefiting our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The practice bolsters our ability to transition freely between the stress reaction (fight or flight) and the relaxation response (rest and digest) and so maintain homeostasis, or internal balance. This builds resilience and our capacity to meet challenges with greater clarity and grace.

Due to its positive relationship with the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system, restorative yoga is aligned with the optimal functioning of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and reproductive systems and can be helpful for conditions relating to these. Tension in the musculoskeletal system is eased.

It is effective in relieving insomnia and in supporting times of transition such as pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause as well as demanding periods in life.

For many, restorative yoga provides a refuge from a life of doing, rushing, expectation and stimulation; so common in life today. It supports a coming home to our true, radiant self and our inner life. In this sense, it also provides a stepping stone towards meditation.

6-session Restore and Re-set Programme
A personalised programme of six 75 to 90 minute one-to-one sessions at your chosen location to benefit from the re-balancing and rejuvenating effects of the practice. Weekly sessions are recommended for this period. Available in north Hertfordshire - Letchworth and surrounding areas. Other locations by arrangement.

'I would say that I have noticed the work has helped me to practise being still more often. This has helped me to practise being with myself and to observe how I am feeling instead of rushing along and being distracted. I have noticed some shifts in my mental resistance to how I am feeling - I have been able to let go of resistance more and allow feelings to be there, pass by and release. I have found I am able to let go of tension in my body more easily too.

I have learned to be more aware of how my body feels and what I need at any given time. Paying attention to small details as part of the restorative yoga has allowed me to practise making choices for myself according to how I feel or what I need in each moment. I have learned to be in silence more easily and to embrace that more readily.

Thank you again.'  

Contact here to enquire about a personalised Restore and Re-set Programme.

One-to-one restorative yoga tuition (also available for small groups)
Regular or ad-hoc tuition at your chosen location. If you are new to restorative yoga and/or stillness, a preparatory gentle movement practice is offered as required. Available in north Hertfordshire - Letchworth and surrounding areas. Other locations by arrangement.

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Carol has been a practitioner of restorative yoga for 15 years, and began her practice of yoga 28 years ago. She is an Advanced Relax and Renew® Trainer, having had the privilege to train with and assist Judith Hanson Lasater. Judith is widely regarded as the world's foremost expert on restorative yoga.

Restorative yoga workshops. 

Contact here to enquire about restorative yoga workshops and trainings.

You can read more about how and why Carol came to practise and share restorative yoga here.

restorative yoga backbend                   restorative yoga twist

Photos: author's own, restorative backbend (left) and twist (right). The body is usually covered with a blanket in all poses (not shown here).

Lead image: Bellanova for Carol