Discovering Yoga Nidra


Immerse yourself in the process of returning to ease. This course provides you with the guidance and practices to do so.

Why yoga nidra?
Life is so much easier and richer when we take adequate rest and welcome ourselves as we are. This isn’t always easy to do. It can be hard to sleep, to wind down, to feel at our best, or to be with things as they are.

Yoga nidra, sometimes translated as ‘yoga sleep’, makes the transition to ease and wellbeing possible.



Who is this for?
This self-paced audio series is for anyone with an interest in the positive impact of yoga nidra on daily life. You’re invited to allow yourself to simply be guided into a sense of peaceful and contented being that is your true nature. There is progression from practice to practice. Each practice outlined below contains a nature visualisation.

You’ll receive
Three progressive practices and Carol’s beginner’s practice are included. Yours to keep.

All you need do is find a comfortable place to be and dedicate some well-deserved time to yourself.

A flexible timescale
There’s no rush. As you can keep these downloads, please listen to your needs first and move at your own pace. Some suggestions for how long to stay with each practice are given in the Practice Guidelines PDF that are sent with the audio practices.

The series includes

Beginner’s practice
A short introduction to the practice of yoga nidra, focusing on settling and becoming comfortable with rotating awareness in the body.

Practice 1: White Sandy Beach
Progress to benefit from the powerful component of sankalpa, a resolve or intention that strengthens and guides the direction of your life. In this practice we learn to befriend the senses and the natural breath and to relax through an uplifting visualisation.

Practice 2: Bamboo Forest
This practice introduces us to experiencing opposites, such as sensations of heaviness and lightness or warmth and cold. This assists us with seeing ourselves and gradually releasing patterns and habits that aren’t beneficial for us. One part of this practice supports us in trusting our intuition.

Practice 3: Lavender Field
A chance to refine your practice further and develop the skill of observing and witnessing experiences, rather than being unconsciously caught up in them. This is a basis for harmony in daily life and is the foundation of meditation. New layers of practice are shared here, including a breath pathway and awareness of inner space.


  1. VH

    Thanks so very much for sharing the practice of yoga nidra. It’s been a really wonderful technique for me — both to get more sleep throughout the winter, as well as to encourage connection with my many emotional layers without conscious over-ride.

  2. KS

    I’ve absolutely loved your yoga nidras. They’ve been a huge help during a very stressful time. Thank you for contributing significant calm at a good moment.

  3. FC

    The first recording helped me to get back easily into Yoga Nidra, which I find a welcome addition to my Hatha Yoga practice. The effect on my stress level was amazingly fast, and the quality of my sleep has noticeably improved after less than a week of daily practice. Whether you have already done Yoga Nidra or not, I warmly recommend trying these recordings.

  4. EB

    Carol’s Yoga Nidra is a wonderful daily addition to my life and routine. Through using the audios sequentially I have found great relief from long term traumatic stress as well as managing the pressures of every day life. The audios help to build an inner strength and calm which have started to present themselves as part of my character. Through Carol’s clear guided practice I have been able to build a connection between the mind and body helping me navigate the needs and demands placed upon me. I thoroughly recommend these audios to help you maintain that elusive balance in life, as well as to relax on a deep meditative level.

  5. FC

    It truly complements my Hatha Yoga practice and the positive effect on my stress levels are very noticeable, I can feel it in my attitude at work and in the quality of my sleep. I’m deeply grateful, thank you.

  6. DH

    That was so calming. Thank you.

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