Workshops & Events

10 August 2020:

The in-person events below will be re-scheduled when circumstances allow. 

In the meantime, I'd love to see you online. I'm offering online classes, courses and workshops. Please get in touch if there are any topics you would be interested in exploring.   

Let's stay connected, grounded and adaptable. Let's keep finding refuge and strength in practising together.

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Take care and keep well. Love, Carol


Teaching Restorative Yoga
29 February - 1 March and 21-22 March, Cambridge
Four-day training over two weekends for teachers.

Restorative Yoga Workshop Carol Trevor


Keys to Teaching 1:1 Yoga
18-19 April, Cambridge
Weekend training for teachers and student teachers.

Yoga Teaching Workshop Carol Trevor


Courageous Presence: Establishing a Meditation Practice for Real Life
27 June, Cambridge (Day 1 open to all)
28 June, Cambridge (Day 2 for teachers and student teachers)

Meditation Workshop Carol Trevor


Teaching Pranayama: The First 18 Months
13 September, Cambridge
For teachers and student teachers.

Pranayama Workshop Carol Trevor