A 3-minute meditation for letting go

If you feel there are a gazillion things that could set your mind whirring this meditation is for you.

Our attachments – to ideas, habits, people, others’ opinions, sensations or material things to name a few – can literally work us up into a frenzy. Or, keep drawing us into a lower level of anxiety and lack of clarity.

We cling on for dear life, when we would benefit from letting go.

Meditation doesn’t have to be daunting.

This simple technique gives a clear focal point for the mind. The short practice time makes it easy to fit into the day. It provides grounding and the chance to return to knowing that things are ok or even much better than ok.

Begin by finding a comfortable seat. Let your spine be tall and your hips and feet feel grounded.

If you are uncomfortable with silence, have some quiet music or nature sounds on in the background.

Set a timer for three minutes.

Lower your gaze or close your eyes. Lips gently closed.

Be aware that you are breathing in and out through your nose, without controlling or trying to change your breathing at all. The breath is subtle and gentle.

Now, each time you breathe in, repeat the word ‘let’ internally. Each time you breathe out, repeat the word ‘go’ internally. Keep repeating with each in and outbreath.

If you find after a while that the words disappear and you are left with watching your in and outbreaths, that’s fine.

If you feel you need to do something with your hands, you can gently touch the tip of the thumb and index finger on the word ‘let’ and the thumb and middle finger on the word ‘go’, like this:

Meditation for letting go
1. ‘let’
Meditation for letting go mudra
2. ‘go’

When your timer sounds, release the ‘let’ and ‘go’ and just sit still for some moments. There is no rush.

Be aware of your physical body and your calm breathing. Slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

Get up slowly, and continue with your day. Refreshed, centred, free of attachments.

The more frequently you practise this meditation, the more powerful it is.

There is always time to dedicate three minutes in this way to your self-care.

If you find that three minutes pass very quickly, feel free to increase your sitting time gradually, for example up to 10 minutes.

May this meditation be of benefit to you.

Photos: Three Leaves by James (aged 6), then author’s own

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