You have inspired me to learn more throughout my life, even if it’s a slow process!

Kim, (Yoga)

I’ll admit that while one-to-one yoga sounded brilliant, I was actually nervous before my session with Carol.

What I soon realised, though, with Carol working through the poses alongside me, was that there was something very encouraging about having all that attention, and the little tweaks she made to what I was doing – “may I move your elbow a little?” – made a real difference.  I felt, with some of the poses in particular, that I was finally doing them right.

And then Carol helped me get into the poses for the restorative yoga.  They felt a bit strange at first – and it sort of felt like cheating having all the supports – but once I relaxed into them, they were incredible.  The support meant I wasn’t straining to keep in one position, and Carol had supported my arms and legs so that I could stop worrying whether I was doing it right or not.  She describes the relaxation as a ‘quietening of the senses’ – or pratyhara – in which you’re calm and relaxed, but still engaged and aware.  And it was amazing.  I could have stayed there for hours, and could practically feel all those tight knots in my neck and shoulders breathing little sighs of relief at being able to relax properly.

Pippa. (Yoga),

When I first booked a sports massage with Carol I felt quite sceptical and nervous as I had bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome for many years with no improvements from others or from surgery.
She was considerate to my concerns and started very gently which enabled me to relax. Over a number of months I have seen a significant improvement. I do not have to wear my wrist straps as often and have more confidence that the carpal tunnel will not be so disabling.

I also suffered with neck pain through desk and computer work and whiplash through a car accident. Carol’s massage has also improved these issues together with showing me small exercises I can do at home in between her visits.

Carol has also worked with my 11-year-old autistic daughter who finds it difficult to express her emotional self. This creates stress both mentally and physically for her. Carol has now given her two massages which relaxed her so much that she now looks forward to seeing her and can identify which parts of her body are carrying tension. She can now verbalise these areas which she previously did not understand were affecting her. My daughter has learnt this way of relaxation and body maintenance at an early age, and will hopefully avoid the more common, unhealthy relaxants such as regular medication in later life.

Julie, (Sports Massage)

When I first visited Carol, I had recently begun a half-marathon training programme and was struggling with pain at the side of my right knee. I had experienced this during triathlon training some years previously, and had managed to overcome it with regular sports massage, so I was hoping that Carol would be able to help in a similar way.

At my first appointment, I was struck by Carol's holistic approach - she spent time considering all aspects of my posture and the way I sit and stand during the working day, and how this may impact on my running style. This continued throughout the sessions, and Carol provided advice and guidance on numerous stretches and physical awareness exercises that I could fit into daily life very easily. In particular, focusing on not crossing my right leg over my left when sitting at work, relaxing my knees when standing straight and keeping my hips square when running felt like a huge improvement and my core felt almost instantly stronger.

Following the five-month period, I was able to complete my race with no significant knee pain and I have continued to monitor the way I sit and stand during the day to avoid further problems. Carol's whole-person approach has helped me to be able to run comfortably in the longer term, rather than the short-term 'fix' that I had received previously, and I would happily recommend her services.

Tamsin, (Sports massage)