No doubt your students say this all the time but I just wanted to say it was a pleasure having you as a tutor. Your knowledge, honest feedback and support made the course feel like a welcoming hug and I am so looking forward to spreading the joy of restorative yoga. I hope our paths cross again in the future. 

Sarah, (Restorative Yoga Training),

I would say that I have noticed the work has helped me to practise being still more often. This has helped me to practise being with myself and to observe how I am feeling instead of rushing along and being distracted. I have noticed some shifts in my mental resistance to how I am feeling - I have been able to let go of resistance more and allow feelings to be there, pass by and release. I have found I am able to let go of tension in my body more easily too.

I have learned to be more aware of how my body feels and what I need at any given time. Paying attention to small details as part of the restorative yoga has allowed me to practise making choices for myself according to how I feel or what I need in each moment. I have learned to be in silence more easily and to embrace that more readily.

Thank you again.

R, (Restorative Yoga, 6-session Restore and Re-set Programme),

Areas I have seen the most development in personally are balance, flexibility, relaxation, more focus during meditation, more confidence, a greater feeling of love and peace, much greater knowledge of breathing (pranayama), chakras, the Eight Limbs and Sanskrit terms (but also much more to learn too!)

Olga, (Yoga)

Carol has an amazing talent for bringing the philosophy from the classic texts into her teaching. She does so with such simplicity and by truly walking her talk. She is deeply caring and her own embodiment of both satya (truthfulness) and ahimsa (non-violence) is clearly evident.

Louise, (Yoga)