Yoga Nidra – White Sandy Beach (22 mins)

Yoga Nidra – White Sandy Beach (22 mins)

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After your first weeks or couple of months of beginners' practice, take the next step with this guided yoga nidra. Progress to benefit from the powerful element of sankalpa - a resolve or intention that strengthens and guides the direction of your life.

This practice includes: settling the body, experiencing the senses, breath awareness, sankalpa, rotation of awareness, an uplifting visualisation and completion of the practice.

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1 review for Yoga Nidra – White Sandy Beach (22 mins)

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    Frederic Culmann (verified owner)

    An excellent and seamless progression from the introductory 16 mn session – it truly complements my Hatta Yoga practice and the positive effect on my stress level are very noticeable, I can feel it in my attitude at work and in the quality of my spleep. I’m deeply grateful, thank you 🙂

    • Carol Trevor

      Carol Trevor

      Thank you for following this practice. May it continue to serve you. Namaste.

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