Yoga Nidra – Lavender Field (27 mins)

Yoga Nidra – Lavender Field (27 mins)

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For when you’ve been practising yoga nidra for 8 months onwards. Description below.



Intermediate level practice. Suggested for those with at least 8 months' regular yoga nidra experience.

Refine your practice further and develop the skill of witnessing experiences rather than being uncontrollably caught up in them. This is the foundation of meditation, and of ease and contentment in daily life.

Explore further layers of the practice and yourself through: settling the body, breath awareness, attention at the eyebrow centre (seat of insight), sankalpa (resolve/intention), rotation of awareness, breath pathway, experience of two pairs of opposites, awareness of chidakasha (inner space), a beautiful visualisation and completion of the practice.



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