Yoga Nidra for Beginners (16 mins)

Yoga Nidra for Beginners (16 mins)

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Simply follow this guided yoga nidra and enjoy the benefits - rest deeply, move effortlessly towards meditation and release tension on all levels. Over time you will experience greater ease, insight and enjoyment in everyday life.

This foundational practice takes you through the essential elements of yoga nidra, including the systematic guidance of attention around the body, leading to a shift in awareness.

It is also ideal for more experienced practitioners with limited time.

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2 reviews for Yoga Nidra for Beginners (16 mins)

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    Carol’s Yoga Nidra is a wonderful daily addition to my life and routine. Through using the audios sequentially I have found great relief from long term traumatic stress as well as managing the pressures of every day life.

    The audios help to build an inner strength and calm which have started to present themselves as part of my character. Through Carol’s clear guided practice I have been able to build a connection between the mind and body helping me navigate the needs and demands placed upon me.

    I thoroughly recommend these audios to help you maintain that elusive balance in life, as well as to relax on a deep meditative level.

    • Carol Trevor

      Carol Trevor

      So glad they are of help. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. May yoga nidra continue to be of benefit to you.

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    Frederic (verified owner)

    This first recording helped me to get back easily into Yoga Nidra, which I find a welcome addition to my Hatha Yoga practice.

    The effect on my stress level was amazingly fast, and the quality of my sleep has noticeably improved after less than a week of daily practice.

    Wether you have already done Yoga Nidra or not, I warmly recommend trying these recordings.

    • Carol Trevor

      Carol Trevor

      Many thanks for your feedback. I’m very happy to hear the practice has helped with easing stress and improving the quality of your sleep. I hope yoga nidra continues to be a beneficial part of your yoga practice and daily life.

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