Pranayama: Falling in Love Again

Pranayama Yoga Breathing Carol Trevor

PRANAYAMA: FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN  -  September/October 2020

The breath is a miracle that can sometimes seem elusive. Pranayama can seem baffling; for some a chore, for others divine.

We breathe all the time, but whether we feel connected and breathe easefully - in a way that supports our health and wellbeing - can be less clear.

For many, breathing has understandably come to feel shallow, uneven or tense over the past months, or longstanding patterns of stress have been exacerbated.

In daily life, the breath mirrors our thoughts, emotions and health. Our relationship with it makes all the difference in terms of bringing balance to the nervous system, clarity to the mind, equanimity and nourishment to the heart. It helps us navigate all manner of situations, from meetings to potential panic attacks.

This collection of five special classes is an invitation to rediscover and connect deeply with the miracle that is the breath, and to fall in love with pranayama (again), yoga's exquisite breathing practices.

Nourishing practices and inquiries have been chosen that support our lives and curiosity at this time. The emphasis is on effortlessness and receiving what naturally comes, rather than straining to do or artificially create.

We'll also dispel some of the myths surrounding 'correct' breathing, how 'much' and where we feel the breath in pranayama and clarify the differences between regular breathing and pranayama.

An accessible, refreshing and step by step approach. Empowering for a practice and connection that is truly personal, and embodying this if you teach. Ideal for those with at least 2-3 years' yoga practice.

An outline of each week's class is given below. Recordings are available (each for 7 days) if you are unable to attend live and/or would like to review our practices. There will be support for planning a simple home practice if you wish to do this.

Please note: if you have any health conditions or queries and would like to join, please contact Carol

Tuesdays, 8-9 pm (UK). Via Zoom.

Class dates:  22, 29 September, 6, 13, 20 October 2020

How to book:
You're welcome to book these 5 classes with the sliding scale options offered below. Session recordings included.

Book Now £40 Book Now £45 Book Now £50

(If you currently have limited means and would like to join, please email me.)

What to bring:
Yoga mat, 4 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, 2 cushions. (Some props are interchangeable).

Joining instructions:
Once you've booked, you'll receive a private link to join the class via Zoom. Please download the Zoom app here in advance if you don't already have it.

Just click on your link up to 5 minutes before the start time to join the class.

Series Outline - Pranayama: Falling in Love Again 

Week 1 – Freeing the Breath
Noticing/feeling areas and patterns that restrict the natural breath.
Somatic movement to consciously release tension and free the breath.
Returning to an easeful relationship with the breath.

Week 2 – Breath Creating Movement
'Seeing' your breath (have a pencil and sheet of A4 paper).
Full-body breathing, breath giving rise to movement.
Watching the breath (1), external and internal respiration.

Week 3 – Re-Discovering Pranayama
The spine, ribs, lungs, diaphragm, kidneys, heart, brain and skin.
Felt differences between breathing and pranayama.
Setting up for lying pranayama (it's delightful).
Watching the breath (2), sama vritti pranayama.

Week 4 – From Lying to Seated Pranayama
Refining. Receiving the magic of the pause. Surrender.
Viloma pranayama.
Preparing and supporting the body to sit.

Week 5 –  Bringing It All Together
Review of practices. Energy channels and centres.
Anuloma pranayama (preparation for alternate nostril breathing).

So looking forward to sharing these special classes with you.

Any queries, please contact Carol.