Meditation: Step by Step

Meditation Carol Trevor


In times of change, uncertainty, tension or confusion a deep connection to oneself - and to something greater of which we are all a part - is a lifeline, a solace and a pillar of steadiness.

Circumstances are as they are. How do we best respond? And adapt?

Wanting to enjoy a meaningful and contented life, and to be a positive force in the world has long been at the centre of being human.  Ironically, perhaps, embodying this requires that we un-do and un-learn in order to return to our true, radiant nature.

This course offers an opportunity to gently explore our return to unchanging light, our inner steadiness, trust and wellbeing as a constant backdrop to daily life. Meditation is presented and experienced in manageable steps and supported by simple habits that take very little time. A course for our unusual time.

It can be difficult to choose from an apparent buffet of meditation 'techniques'. Here, an inquiry is encouraged that is based on where we are now and principles common to us all. This enables us to discover our own connection with meditation, and to be empowered to embrace it as a practical part of life, rather than a lofty ideal or something we 'should' be 'doing'.

All practices are an invitation and optional, as is homework.

Each session allows time for settling, a short talk, reflection, questions and observations, and guided practice.

The course is based on what yogis have known for centuries, what neuroscientists continue to research and Carol's personal experience of meditation since a life change in 1999.

A select number of audio downloads will be provided to support you between sessions and beyond. Additional resources may be provided during the course according to need. You're welcome to share questions and observations with the group if you wish.

Please see below for an outline of each class.

Even if you can only give yourself a few minutes per day to try meditation or a helpful habit for the month of this course, you will notice a positive difference in how you feel. The course offers support, a community and a safe space during this period of time.

Limited live spaces.  Option to receive the practice downloads if you're unable to participate live.

Please note: this course may not be suitable for all at this time. If you are currently in therapy or receiving counselling or have queries and would like to join us, please contact Carol in advance.  

Wednesdays, 8-8.50 pm (UK). Via Zoom.

Class dates: 1, 8, 15 and 22 July 2020. 

How to book:
Classes and downloads included. You're welcome to book with the sliding scale for payment offered below.


(If you currently have limited means and would like to join, please email me).

What to bring:
Whatever you need to sit or stand comfortably, a pen and paper/notebook.

Sitting can be on a chair with feet on the ground/blocks, or on the floor, supported with cushions or a bolster to elevate the hips, back against a wall if desired.

Joining instructions:
Once you've booked, you'll receive a private link to join the class via Zoom. Please download the Zoom app here in advance if you don't already have it.

Just click on your link up to 5 minutes before the start time to join the class.

Week 1
Context: Daring to Be Honest
What would be most helpful now?
What is meditation? What meditation can and can't provide.
Our relationship with our sensory perceptions.
Discovering the present, and its layers.
Helpful habits. Inner resourcing.
Cultivating the skills of noticing and settling.

Homework: guided settling practice, 1-minute noticing, reflection.

Week 2
Foundation: Giving Ourselves the Best Chance Possible
Beginning from wholeness. Attitudes to bring to meditation (and life).
Safe and supportive: practice space, time and duration.
Exploring options: sitting, standing, lying, moving.
Supporting ourselves: appreciation, compassion and self-compassion.

Homework: short guided meditation practice, 1-minute noticing, reflection.

Week 3
Practice 1: Befriending the 'Usual Suspects'
Recognising and navigating hurdles we all encounter.
Meeting emotions.
Is there a Way Out?
The relationship between suffering and liberation.

Homework: guided meditation practice, 30-second noticing, reflection.

Week 4
Practice 2: Beyond Mindfulness - Resting in Being, Flourishing in Life
Letting go vs. acceptance and integration.
Comfortable silence and stillness.
How's it going?
Trouble shooting.
Meditation as daily life.

Continuing practice: guided or self-guided meditation, 10-second noticing, reflection. 

Looking forward to sharing the gift of meditation with you. Why not make July a month of meditation?