Yoga & Meditation

Carol Trevor Yoga

One-to-one yoga in north Hertfordshire
Perfect when you would like to:
* Have a practice that supports and enhances your unique lifestyle
* Benefit from a tailored, thorough and inspiring approach at your own pace
* Continue to practice and gain confidence when you have injuries or health conditions
* Take your practice to a deeper level and realise your highest potential
* Have a 'fresh pair of eyes' if you are a longtime practitioner or teacher

We'll focus on what's best for you and on precise, personalised alignment for ease in effort. My teaching of the physical practice is grounded in a thorough appreciation of functional anatomy for the individual. I have experience of working with students with a number of imbalances, injuries and conditions, and of working with hypermobility.

I specialise in the practices that bring most calm and transformation: yogic breathing, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation, and in the logical, accessible steps towards these powerful practices. I offer a healthy combination of dynamic and inner practices.

One-to-one tuition was transformative for me personally when I experienced it over a three-year period. It is the way yoga was traditionally taught. One-to-one yoga offers a unique depth, level of learning and shift in awareness that is beneficial at any age and for all levels of practice.

In the comfort of your own home or workplace, covering the areas of Letchworth, Stevenage and surrounding villages. The frequency of classes is set according to what serves you best, for example weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Classes usually last one hour or an hour and a half.

To make a booking or an enquiry for 1:1 please contact me here.

Online yoga nidra - yogic sleep
Guided yoga nidra is immediately deeply relaxing and promotes good sleep. It is a profound, meditative and healing practice. Its benefits are akin to those of meditation, without the challenge of a seated practice. Please see the yoga nidra page for downloads that take you through this wonderful practice with step by step progression. Download the first for free here. I also offer yoga nidra in person.