Restorative yoga for happy hips

Struggling with tight hips? Find a new openness through release and surrender with this restorative yoga sequence.

Tightness in the hips often comes from sitting all day, exercising a lot, or emotional tension – this part of our body is home to our Sacral Chakra, relating to our emotional identity. Feeling stuck here in some way is common. What’s more is tight hips can be linked to pain, imbalances and instability in the lower back, knees, gluteal area, groin, and pelvis.

Healthy mobility in the hip joints contributes to postural comfort and greater well-being, as well as frees up our entire yoga practice.

Worth a try? You can perform this restorative yoga sequence at home in about 20 minutes....

See the sequence and my full article on Yoganonymous here.

Photos: Bellanova

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